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“Follow the Dream”

The name “SO DELINE” might seem a bit weird but when you can’t decide what is the best word to describe what you do or taste, then make up your own!
It’s a combination of DEVINE & DELICIOUS which is what you’ll taste having a So Deline Gelato, Ice Cream or Sorbet from us.

 Here is a bit about the products we sell in our SO DELINE mobile trailer…

Our products use only the finest ingredients, always selected with the greatest care. Based on Italian regulation for ice cream and gelato manufacturing we always deliver consistency and intensity in our premium and natural products with no artificial ingredients, colouring or gelatine. Using Italian paste only, fused with New Zealand best milk products, we have created over 80 award winning flavours nationally and internationally. With over a 200 recipes we are limited only by the size of our freezers and not by our imaginations.

The gelato with only 4%-8% of cream in our product, our gelato is smooth as silk, light as a feather.

The sorbet is dairy free and gluten free with lots of real fruits.

The ice cream is smooth and has a consistent texture across the range.

The best way to find us to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Use the Social Media icons below to connect or Facebook @sodelinerus and Instagram #sodelinerus.

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